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Get Happily Divorced!

The Happily Divorced! digital book and audio program teaches you exactly how to take the leap into a whole new way of thinking... feeling... challenging you to be in charge of a great life... and having a whole new approach to divorce!

Let Cynthia Tiano, Divorce Attorney/Mediator and Dr. Max Vogt, Marriage and Family Therapist, take you on an adventure into the lives of two families going through gut-wrenching divorces, and learn from their experiences...

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By Cynthia Tiano, Esq. "The Mediator"


Divorce Mediation. You've heard about it. You've read about it. You've even gotten a glimpse of it on Desperate Housewives. So what's all the buzz about Divorce Mediation?

Anybody who has a clue knows that it's just not cool anymore to spend thousands of dollars and tear your family to shreds doing battle in divorce court. Who doesn't get that the only winners there are the divorce lawyers? Talk about a losing battle!

Enter Divorce Mediation. Finally, there is a process that can help you work it out when you're at your worst - full of fear and, generally, an emotional mess. It's time-tested now, having been around for over a decade, and used in most states to help divorcing families save their money and their sanity. It's a process that takes a fraction of the time, money and heartache of traditional divorce.

Smart Divorcing Couples Working It Out

Savvy divorcing couples are getting it in a big way that it pays to find and hire an expert Divorce Mediator to sit down with them and provide divorce support; help them cool it down, and turn it around from the heat of the fight.

A good Divorce Mediator (and there are plenty of them out there!) can help to get divorcing couples to work together sanely - to divide up their stuff, settle support issues, and even work out divorce child custody. I know. I'm one of them.

Why Divorce Mediation Is Such A Well-Kept Secret

Okay, so how come, even though Divorce Mediation works in just about every case, it's one of the legal system, and the world at large's best kept secret? I've often asked myself that question, in the over ten years and thousand divorce mediations I've done. But, of course, I know the answer. Duh!

Do you think it's sexy to read about a celebrity divorce that settled peacefully, out of divorce court, and without a big fight? An uncontested divorce? I think not! Airing the dirty laundry, name-calling and spending tons of money is what sells papers and magazines, not a peaceful divorce!

And what about the divorce attorneys? Do you think most of them are out there promoting uncontested divorces and divorce settlements resulting from divorce mediation? Let's face it, they don't get rich from cases where divorce mediation works fast and efficiently to get the divorce job done. They earn their livings from the part of the divorce process where there are battles to be fought.

Have Yourself A Peaceful Divorce was created to provide divorce help to a wider audience: “It’s taking me too long to save the world two at a time.”

Although it's fun to blame the media and the divorce lawyers, let's face it - your divorce is YOUR responsibility.

It's time to take control of your divorce and your life. So just do it! Have yourself a peaceful divorce - through Divorce Mediation. Now that's good divorce advice!

To You making the best of Your Divorce,

"Ms. Tiano, …when it came down to the final trial and custody was brought up again, it was you sitting on my shoulder…Thank you. I proudly came home and was able to relay to my boys, "Hey guys, Dad and I came to an agreement…Our ten year old was in awe. I am embarrassed to say that his reply was, "you mean that you and Dad actually talked?" Proudly I was able to respond, "Yes, we did."Ms. Tiano, you impressed me that the title "Primary Custodial Parent is just that, a title. We, as parents, have to make a decision as to what battles we choose. I just wanted you to know that you did make a difference not only with me, but ultimately in the lives of my children."
- S. Byers
Palm Beach County, Florida

"I would be up the creek without a paddle, if you hadn't helped. Thank you for all your help…I understand the road ahead might be a little bumpy, but at least it's a forward path."
- C. Edwards
Palm Beach County, Florida

"Cynthia - I first want to say, THANK YOU for truly caring about what you do. In the midst of the moment, you were able to say something that would enable me to get my thinking on the right track and off the one of vengeance and anger and judgment. I think you should write a book - seriously!! (audio books, too!)"
- L. Gamble
Palm Beach County, Florida

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